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Basics of Content Creation For OnlyFans In 2024

Updated: Jun 25

In this guide, we’re going to cover the basics of creating content on OnlyFans in 2024. 

If you want to learn: 

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The Basics of Creating Content For OnlyFans in 2024

To understand how to correctly make content for OnlyFans, you first need to understand why your fans are there. They are NOT there to see pictures of a professional photoshoot. They are NOT there to see you look like an Instagram model.

The reason that men pay money to subscribe to you, is because they want to get to KNOW and SEE the REAL you. They want to know what your life is like behind the curtain. They want to get a sense of who you truly are. They want to see what you look like right after a shower. They want to see the blemishes on your skin. They want to see what you look like right after you wake up and right before you go to bed. They want to see what you look like without makeup, wearing sweatpants and a tight tank-top without a bra. They want to see the bathroom selfies you would only send your best friends. They want to see the side of you that typically only your boyfriend would otherwise get to see. What we mean by this, is that your pictures should come across more amateur than professional. 

This is a simple and very important point that many OnlyFans creators struggle to understand. The reason they don't understand this is because they don't understand why men would pay money to see them look like what they would consider trash. But the reality is that the fans who subscribe to you are sad and lonely men, who most likely have never been in a loving relationship and are currently single, and they are desperate and craving to see the the sides of a girl that they would only get to see if they were in a relationship with her. Only after you understand this fact can you go on to create the type of content which does well on OnlyFans.

Important Note

Just because we said your pictures should have an amateur look, doesn't mean that they should be bad quality. Your pictures still need to be good quality pictures, with good lighting, and where you are visible clearly and looking sexy. You also should be wearing a light layer of make-up most of the time, but it's okay to occasionally post pictures without makeup (for example right upon waking up, after the shower, before going to bed, etc. 

Also, remember this: light makeup > filters. 

Limit the use of filters as far as possible. Now, you don't always need to post pictures without or with light makeup makeup. You still do need to throw in some pictures where you're fully glammed up every now and then (10-20% of the time), but most of the time, you want to be giving your fans a 'girl-next-door' vibe, wearing only a light layer of makeup. 

Note about filtersIf you really feel like you need to be using a heavy filter because it makes you look a lot better, then by all means use one. Remember, humans as a whole have a need to believe pretty lies. The guy who sees your picture wants to believe you really look like the filter makes you look. And it’s your job to prey on this belief, using it to make your fans give you as much of their money as possible. 


The above information covers all the basics you need to start creating content on OnlyFans. 

If you’re serious about becoming a full-time OnlyFans creator, make sure to get Journey to the Top 1%, where we dive deep into everything you need to know to get to anywhere between $20k to $200k per month on OnlyFans. In the course, we dive deep into promoting on all social media platforms, the secret agency tactics which give them an unfair advantage over regular models on Reddit, the playbook to going viral and building an audience on TikTok, the powerful and dark psychological tactics to getting your fans to fall in love with you, and managing the workload of dealing with hundreds of thousands of fans and followers across all your social media platforms. 

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We wish you the best of luck on your OnlyFans journey, and truly hope that you’re able to create a full-time income from the platform, working from anywhere and living life on your own terms. 

Yours truly,

Team 1MG

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The advice mentioned in all the content we put out is what our experts believe to be the best course of action in terms of promoting your OnlyFans. You are not, in any manner, way shape or form coerced to follow the advice and in doing so, you act on your own behalf. Neither 1MILLIONGIRLS, nor its employees are liable or responsible for any undesired outcomes associated with the advice given by them.

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