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Driving Fans From Your Free To Your Paid OnlyFans

If you would like to use your free account to start sending fans to your paid account, or if you just have a free account with a lot of fans and would like to start a new paid account, this is the best way to go about it. 

Use this strategy ONLY if you’d like your paid account to be your primary account.

With regards to your free account:

Keep posting as you have been. Post 1-3 locked pieces of content over there daily and send out multiple PPV’s daily. 

Here’s two IMPORTANT things to take into consideration, because you want to spend as LITTLE time as possible working on your free account:

  1. Schedule ALL messages and posts at the beginning of every week. By ‘messages’, we mean PPV messages as well as ‘conversion’ messages which are aimed at converting your free fans to paid fans. We’ve given you some conversion messages below. 

  2. Make sure the content on your paid account is noticeably more explicit than on your free account. Your fans need to be able to INSTANTLY realise the value of subscribing to your paid account and see that it’s got MUCH naughtier content than your free account. 

Just make sure you tell your fans to only be subscribed to one of your accounts, otherwise they might end up re-buying content. Here’s what you can message them:“hey guys xx, as most of you know I have a paid and a free account. Please make sure you only subscribe to one of them so you don’t end up buying the same content twice 🤗.


(Your name)” 

Schedule the message above to be sent every couple of days.

Converting your free fans to paid fans

You should aim at converting your fans on your free account to paid fans. To do this, send them the following messages everyday (change the words slightly each time):

Message 1

“Hey babe xx 

You won’t believe the video I just sent out to my paid fans 🤩. It’s literally the dirtiest ever and they are drooling over me🤤. I’ve never screamed like this before 😳. If you want to see it, join now and I’ll send it to you for free xx. 

Just ask me about it when you join so I know it’s you ❤️ .”

(send them a sexy video when they ask you for it if they join your paid account) 

Message 2

“Hey babe xx,You know I don’t reply to messages here, but if you’d like to get to know me, you can join my paid OF. I reply to ALL messages there, so we can literally talk about anything. Btw, I love sexting as well 😈!

 I’ll tell you what, if you join now, I’m going to give you a free video dick rate 😘. Just message me and tell me you’re from here when you join xx” 

In addition to sending the messages mentioned above, you should post previews of some of your content and say in the caption that your fans can see the full videos or uncensored pictures ONLY on your paid account.

For example: 

Caption for a video preview

Do you like what you see? I made this video today morning, and my fans are going ABSOLUTELY CRAZY😍😍😍! I sent it to them as a PPV, but if you join my paid OF now, I’m going to send it to you for free xx. Just message me and tell me you saw this post when you join so I know it’s you xx.”

Caption for censored explicit images

“These are the kind of pics I post FULLY UNCENSORED, on my paid account. If you join now, I’ll send you a super-naughty PPV vid for free as well xx. Make sure you tell me you’re from here when you join so I know it’s you 😘😘.”

Note: Remember, there might be some fans who only want to buy some your content but don’t want to pay to subscribe to you, which is why you should keep posting locked content and sending out PPV content on your free account. 

Free account Welcome Message

“Hey babe xx 

Thanks so much for subscribing 😘. However, if you like my content, you NEED to check out my PAID account! That’s where the REAL action is 🤩. If you think my content here is sexy, you wouldn’t believe the stuff I post on there!Also, I don’t really reply to messages on here, so if you’d like to message me, or talk dirty with me (you know how much I like sexting 😈), then you’re going to have to check out my paid account.It’s full of super explicit content which I don’t post on here. If you join my paid account anytime during this week, I’m going to give you a free dick rating + some free PPV content. Just tell me you’re from here, so I know it’s you ❤️. “

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