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How to get karma fast on Reddit

This guide is specifically written for OnlyFans models, but the methods used to get karma here apply to all kinds of Reddit accounts. 

It’s impossible to post on most subreddits unless you’ve built up a certain amount of karma. As an OnlyFans model, Reddit is literally the fastest way to start getting fans, but to do so you need to post on the popular subreddits, and to do that, you need lots of karma. The issue is that most models have no idea how to get karma, and end up giving up on Reddit entirely. 

In this guide, we’re going to explain the exact steps you need to be taking to start building karma ASAP. Your goal should be to get to to 10,000 karma as soon as you can. Once you get there, you should be able to start posting on most subreddits. 

First off, you should be happy that most subreddits have high karma requirements. This is what prevents bots and scammers from ruining most subreddits. Also, this high barrier to entry means that most OnlyFans models give up trying to get karma, and end up giving up on Reddit entirely. This results in less competition for you. 

Secondly, you should understand that once you’ve figured things out, getting karma on Reddit is not that difficult, assuming you follow the steps below. You however do need to ensure that you have patience. 

Finding subreddits to post in as a new account 

The basic trick to getting karma quickly is to make a good post in a subreddit which receives a lot visitors AND which allows new accounts to post AND where the posts receive a lot of upvotes. These are the subreddits which match the criteria:





We’re going to give you guides on getting karma in each of the following subreddits, since there’s a different way to go about things for every subreddit. 


This subreddit is used by Redditors to catch up on current events. They’ve been ‘out of the loop’, as the name suggests, and are looking to catch up. Brand new accounts can post in this subreddit, and if a post does well, it can get anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand upvotes. 

To do well in this subreddit, you need to post about something which is genuinely interesting, and something which has genuinely been catching media attention. The ‘hawk tuah’ girl is a good example of this. As you can see in the image above, the person who asked that question got 1.1k upvotes. While you can post in this subreddit as a brand new account, you need to remember that you can’t re-ask questions. So before making a post, make sure to search the subreddit with keywords from the post to ensure that it hasn’t been asked recently. 

As far as finding topics is concerned, you need to ensure that the topics are relevant across the USA. If you ask something which isn’t really popular in the USA, your post will either be removed or won’t do too well. You will need to be up to date on the latest social or pop-culture news to come up with ideas on topics you can post about. As of writing this post, here’s some examples of topics you can post about (these topics have likely already been asked about, so check before using them. They’re just examples of the kind of stuff you should be asking about): ‘’

-Drake and Kendrick beef

-Drake and Rick Ross beef

-Biden-Trump debate

Tip: Go on to look for interesting stuff to ask about. Also, look at the Top posts of all time  in the subreddit to get an idea of the kind of posts which do well. 


TIFU, short for ‘today I fucked up’ is a subreddit to post stories of your daily fuck ups. Brand new accounts are allowed to post here, and the posts which do well get thousands of upvotes. The trick here is to write a post which bangs. Even though new accounts are able to post here, we recommend posting in this subreddit after you’ve gotten about 100-200 karma, because if your post does really well, unless you have a certain amount of karma, your karma won’t increase in proportion to your upvotes. What this means is that if you have a brand new account and you get 2000 upvotes on your TIFU post, it will result in only about 100 karma gain for you. But if you have about 200 karma and then write a post which gets 2000 upvotes, you should see an at least 5-600 karma increase, if not more. 

Writing a good post for TIFU

To write the perfect post, you’re going to have to use ChatGPT. The free version will work perfectly for this, so just go to and make an account. 

Next, you need to go to the Top Posts of All Time on the TIFU subreddit (in the filter bar). Here you need to copy at least 3 different posts (both the title and the post). Copy these 3 posts (you can copy more if you want) and paste it somewhere in your notepad on your laptop. 

Then, you need to add those posts into the prompt below, and then copy this prompt and enter it into ChatGPT. Here is the prompt: I am a Redditor looking to get high karma on the subreddit r/tifu. Here are some of the top posts of all time on the subreddit:


Title: TIFU By agreeing to an “open relationship”


Obviously a throwaway.

To put things into perspective, I (M 20) and my GF (F 21) had been dating/together for four and a bit years. Typical high school sweethearts, we wanted to move away and start our own lives after college.

We decide to spice things up a bit and “open” up our relationship a little. It was pretty much a join decision but looking back she was kind of insistent on the whole “sex is fun” idea.

She is on a night out with some friends when she phones me and asks if the whole open relationship thing is still cool, explaining she’s met a guy (M 24) and asks for me to pay for a hotel because she wasn’t working at the time. I agreed. I tell her to go for it, and she does. She texts me to say she had a good night and that all was well.

The week after, she mentions she’s meeting up with this guy again. Wasn’t expecting it but I’m cool with it. Again, asks for me to pay for her hotel. A decision I would live to regret. She doesn’t text me the entire night. Weird, but okay maybe she’s just having a good time?

The next day I receive a load of messages about how she needs a “break” from “everything” right now. Meeting this guy has apparently opened her eyes. A little more conversation and we’re over. She’s completely cut me out of her life. I check her snap chat story, and of course, she’s with him. I’ve heard from her friends that they’re dating now.

TLDR; Agreed to an open relationship, basically paid for my girlfriend to find someone better and dump me.


I need you to give me some ideas for posts which will do well based on the posts I have just shown you. Keep in mind that I am a female, so please give me ideas accordingly. Also, keep in mind that the posts should be between 1500 and 2000 characters in length. 

In the prompt above, we’ve just added one post, but you can give ChatGPT more posts to work with. Make sure you use write the Title and Post separately, like we have done above. 

Once you do this, ChatGPT will spit out a bunch of posts which it thinks will do well, and you need to copy and paste these into r/TIFU. Make sure you read the posts properly, and ensure that it doesn’t look like ChatGPT has written it. There will also most likely be a bunch of mistakes which you will need to correct, and you will also need to work on the post a lot because it will in most cases look like AI has written it. The post will not be perfect, and you will need to re-edit it (in some cases even rewrite the whole thing), but it will be good enough to at least give you a rough outline. 

Once you’ve got the post, and edited so that it looks like it was written by a Redditor, go ahead and post it!

Important Note: Ensure that you only have one post on TIFU at a time. Before making a second post, make sure you delete the previous one, otherwise the subreddit moderators will become suspicious that you’re using the subreddit just to gain karma. 

This is a TIFU post we made before starting to write this section. This is the number of upvotes the post got, using this exact same method: 


This is basically a subreddit for asking questions. However, unlike most other question subreddits, when posts do well over here, they tend to get thousands of upvotes. 

There is a trick to find questions which will almost always do well. What you need to do is go to the ‘top’ posts of ‘this year’ in one of the following subreddits: 





Now, keep scrolling until you find a question you like, and which you think will do well. Simply copy and paste this question in r/nostupidquestions. Since this question has already done really well on another subreddit, you already know that it’s a question which resonates well with Redditors, and chances are it will do really well. 

Important Note: Ensure that you only have one post on NoStupidQuestions at a time. Before making a second post, make sure you delete the previous one, otherwise the subreddit moderators will become suspicious that you’re using the subreddit just to gain karma.


Getting karma here is simple. Just go to the ‘Top’ posts of ‘All time’ and keep scrolling down. Scroll for a while. Then, once you find a pic of a cute parrot, screenshot it (don’t right click and save it). Make sure the pic is just of a parrot, and doesn’t have a person in it. 

Next, think of a cute caption, and post it. Look at other captions of top posts in the subreddit to get an idea for a caption which would do well. Posts in this subreddit tend to get a lot of upvotes, and is perfect for new accounts. Below is a post we made just two hours ago, and it already has over 100 upvotes!

Note: You can post a picture of any cute parrot, and it doesn’t have to be one you find on the subreddit. If you post a picture of a parrot from the subreddit itself, it will likely get removed by the moderators of the community (like the one above), however you will still gain karma between the time you post it and between the time the mods remove it. 

Additional notes regarding the above strategy

  • Every post you make as per the above methods isn’t going to do well. But if you constantly keep trying to post in each of the subreddits above as per the methods we’ve given you, chances are that every 4th or 5th post will blow up. 

  • For best results, use this on a new account on which you haven’t already started posting in OnlyFans promo subreddits. Also, make sure the new account doesn’t show hints that you are an OnlyFans models, so don’t add your OnlyFans link in the bio, etc. The reason for this is that community mods might suspect that you are using the subreddit just to gain karma, since OnlyFans-related accounts have a reputation for that. Instead, use a blank account, and once you’ve got enough karma on the new account, you can start making posts in OnlyFans-related subreddits and start getting karma from there, and you won’t need to get karma using this strategy anymore. 

  • Make sure to genuinely stay active, and be part of subreddits you like. This stops the algorithm from considering you a bot. Subscribe to subreddits of topics you are interested in (there’s a subreddit for most things) and make yourself a part of the community. Answer people’s questions in the comments, and genuinely start adding value to the community. Aside from this helping you get karma, it will reduce your chances of getting banned in the future because the algorithm will start seeing you as a genuine user. Also, you’d be surprised how addicting Reddit can get! Once you start participating in subreddits, you’ll genuinely start having fun using Reddit, and this will increase your enthusiasm and make things more fun when promoting your OnlyFans! Also, you never know, you might just come across a few fans while posting in non-OnlyFans related subreddits. 

  • If you already have a bunch of posts on your Reddit profile, then you should aim at making posts in line with your personality. For example, on r/tifu, don’t make a post as if you’re a man, when you’re obviously a woman, or when posting a question in r/nostupidquestions, make sure you post a question which would make sense for a woman to ask.

Our results using this method 

Before beginning to write this document, we made posts on all the subreddits mentioned here. 2 of those posts got zero upvotes, and the other two got 414 and 114 upvotes. In about 6 hours, using this method, we were able to get a brand new account to 294 karma. Keep in mind that Reddit doesn’t give karma in direct proportion to number of upvotes, which is why the increase in karma was less than the combined number of upvotes in both subreddits. 

The Reddit Agency Method

While the strategy above is the most effective strategy for gaining karma, is still a relatively slow and tedious process. If you want to know how to accelerate your karma gains to the point where you can get thousands of karma in less than a week, then we cover that in our Reddit Agency Method guide, which includes the secret method agencies use to always rank their models at the top of subreddits. This guide is available in the GOLD EDITION of Journey to the Top 1%! You can get the book here.

If you want to learn: 

  • how to promote yourself and take advantage of the algorithm to go viral on Tik-Tok

  • the secret agency-strategy to always rank at the top of subreddits

  • the powerful, dark strategies to build deep, genuine relationships with your fans and turn them into big-spenders, by getting them addicted to you and making them fall in love with you

  • promoting yourself on Instagram and Discord

Then this is exactly what you will learn in Journey to the Top 1%, along with a ton of other crucial, tried and tested strategies which are necessary for any model to get to at least $20k per month, and which we ourselves have used with the models we work with to take them anywhere between $20k and $200k per month. 

You can get Journey to the Top 1% over here. You can get the '$5K/Month OnlyFans Cheatsheet' here.You can join the 1MG Networking and SFS Group here.

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