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How to promote OnlyFans on Twitter/X in 2024

Updated: Jul 2

In this guide, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about promoting your OnlyFans on Twitter/X. 

If you want to learn: 

  • how to promote yourself and take advantage of the algorithm to go viral on Tik-Tok

  • the secret agency-strategy to always rank at the top of subreddits

  • the powerful, dark strategies to build deep, genuine relationships with your fans and turn them into big-spenders, by getting them addicted to you and making them fall in love with you

  • promoting yourself on all social media platforms

Then this is exactly what you will learn in Journey to the Top 1%, along with a ton of other crucial, tried and tested strategies which are necessary for any model to get to at least $20k per month, and which we ourselves have used with the models we work with to take them anywhere between $20k and $200k per month. 

You can get Journey to the Top 1% over here

Promoting Your OnlyFans On Twitter/X

Getting Started

You probably are familiar with Twitter. If you aren’t already on it, you probably know everything about it. But what many people don’t know, is that there is an entire section of Twitter called Sex Twitter, which is entirely dedicated to online sex workers and cam girls, promoting themselves on their websites. Since OnlyFans launched however, most of the girls on Sex Twitter are there to promote their OnlyFans. 

Now keep in mind, Twitter is the go-to platform for all sex workers who are just starting out, because of its very liberal content policy. This means that competition on Twitter is fierce. Unlike Reddit and Discord, it will take you time to start getting fans from Twitter. But once you build a substantial following on Twitter, it is a great tool for getting fans. 

Now, if you are part of the 1MG Community, your growth on Twitter will be rapid, as you will have the top OnlyFans models with the most followers shouting you out and retweeting your tweets. 

Regardless, our strategy will help you gain followers as fast as possible, in as little time as possible. Let’s get started!

When you first sign up: 

  1. Set a display picture, banner picture and display name 

  2. Make the required changes to settings (given below)

  3. Follow required accounts

  4. Pin a Tweet 

  5. Tweet 5 posts 

Display Name

Your display name should be in the format: DISPLAY NAME TOP X% 


Suppose your display name is Jane Doe, your Twitter Display Name should be: Jane Doe Top 1% 

(emoticons in your display name are optional) 

(Only insert your rank once your in the top 15%, until then do not include your rank in your username) 


Your Twitter bio should be similar to your Reddit bio. Something short and cheeky. You could even just state some info about yourself like ethnicity, height, eye colour, etc. Or just scroll through other girls bios and copy something you like. Don’t forget to insert your OnlyFans link in the website section of your profile. 

Twitter Settings

When you first sign up on Twitter, you need to make some changes to the settings. You will have to make these changes from your laptop. 

In settings, go to ‘Privacy and Safety’ and click on ‘Content you see’ and tick ‘Display media that may contain sensitive content’. 

Also click on search settings and untick the box which says ‘hide sensitive content’. 

In Privacy and Safety, also click on ‘Your Tweets’ and tick the box which says ‘Mark media you Tweet as containing material that may be sensitive’. 

Also, make sure you verify your Twitter account by clicking on the link they send you in your email. Not doing so can get you shadowbanned. 

Changing Twitter Handle

Sometimes, depending on your username, Twitter may randomly assign you an ‘@‘ which is weird and unappealing. It will usually have a long number at the end of your username. To change this, you must go to ‘Settings and Privacy’, click on ‘Account’ and then click ‘Username’. Here you must change your username to something more appealing. 

Tip: If your preferable username is not available, use '_' between words, or add words like 'xo' or 'official' to the end of your preferred username. 

Following required accounts 

First, you need to type ‘pin for pin’ into the twitter search bar and click ‘search’. The ‘Top’ section should be filled with posts like the one below. 

Follow about 15-20 of these accounts. You can also click on the posts, and follow accounts which have commented on the post. Don’t follow more than 15-20 accounts, at least when you’re getting started. The reason we recommend following so few accounts is because Twitter will shadowban you and limit your reach, or suspend you, if you are following a lot more people than follow you. They might also not grant you X Premium membership.

Also, from this point on, only start following new accounts when you NEED to. For example, when organising an SFS or a ‘Pin for Pin’ with other creators, they will most likely follow you and expect a follow back. In this case, you should follow them back, but don’t follow any accounts unnecessarily.

Pinned Tweet 

Your pinned tweet is very important as it is the first Tweet potential fans will see when they visit your profile. 

For this, copy one of the captions in the Templates section and add 2 sexy pictures or 1 sexy video. Also add a link to your OnlyFans under the caption. Tweet this and pin the tweet. 

Tweet 5 Posts

After your pinned tweet, you should tweet at least 5 different posts. Remember always add 2 pictures to a Tweet. Because only with 2 pictures are the image dimensions displayed best. 

Tweet captions like ‘You wouldn’t believe what happens next on my OnlyFans’ or ‘Wanna know what this looks like off?’ My spicy link is in my bio!’. We’ve also got tons of captions you can use in the templates section, so have your pick. Also, you can copy whatever you like from one of the top OnlyFans models on Twitter. 

What to do on Twitter

First off, do NOT participate in OnlyFans/SW threads. They are not very effective as they will mostly be seen only by other OnlyFans models. 

There’s something called a ‘Pin for Pin’. This means that you are supposed to retweet someone’s pinned post in exchange for them retweeting your pinned post. You should be participating in these. 

Simply search ‘pin for pin’ and start participating in the ones up to 1 day old. You will even start seeing new ones on your home page since you’ve started following models who post these threads. 

After you hit 250 followers, you can start posting your own Pin for Pin Threads.

On Pin for Pin threads, you will see some acronyms which you should know the meanings of: 

CWD - Comment when done - Means you should comment when done with the required tasks, usually a retweet and following the account.

IFBSW - I follow back sex workers - Means that you can expect a follow-back. 

MBF - Must be following - Means that you must be following the account to participate in the thread. 

Note: When just getting started, some creators may not retweet you because you’re new and have less followers, but that’s okay, because a lot will still retweet and follow you. Unfollow any creators which don’t follow you back and/or retweet you within 24 hours.

How to not get shadowbanned on Twitter

Twitter has become a lot stricter with shadowbanning accounts. To be honest, there’s not much you can do to prevent getting shadowbanned temporarily at some point, however, that doesn’t mean that you still can’t grow your Twitter. You should also still follow certain best practices to avoid getting shadowbanned, or to at least reduce the duration of your shadowbans. 

These are the two main practices you need to be following to avoid getting shadowbanned:

  • Don’t participate in bot-like repetitive behaviour: following too many people at once, making the same or similar comments on many different posts, liking many posts one after the other or sending too many of the same DMs is bot-like behaviour which might trigger a shadowban. Ensure your behaviour patterns on Twitter are more human-like.

  • Don’t follow more people than you have followers: In the beginning (assuming you’re starting with 0 followers), it’s okay to be following more people than are following you. But after you start gaining followers by following the methods we’ve mentioned, you should slowly start unfollowing users, until you are following the same number of people that are following you, if not less. Keep in mind, this unfollowing process should be a slow and gradual process, since if you unfollow too many people at once, you will get shadowbanned. Here’s an example: Let’s say that after participating in a bunch of Pin for Pin threads, you end up following 100 accounts and have gained 20 followers. Now, as you start participating in more threads, don’t let this gap widen, and start trying to keep it the same. You can do this by unfollowing some of the old models you had initially followed in order to participate in their Pin for Pin threads. Also, in addition to not letting the gap widen, also slowly start to make it smaller. The key to maintaining the ideal ratio is to slowly keep unfollowing old accounts, while still participating in Pin for Pin threads. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t unfollow too many people at once otherwise you risk getting shadowbanned. If you continue this process of participating in Pin for Pin threads, and then every two days or so unfollowing people from the prior two days, you will end up with a healthy follower to following ratio. 

Twitter Premium 

Twitter has launched a new paid subscription service called Twitter Premium and Twitter Premium +. They give users perks such as a verified blue check, the ability to DM people without being marked as spam, more exposure for their tweets, and more. 

Subscribing to Twitter Premium is not a necessity, and we only recommend paying for it from money you have made from OnlyFans. Until then, you will still have other platforms where you can promote yourself for free (including Twitter itself), and you should be able to starting getting fans without needing the premium subscription. After you’ve got your first few fans and have started earning from them, you can decide if you’d like to pay for it. 

Note when subscribing to Twitter Premium: If you are following too many more people than you have followers, they might deny you the blue check mark and added perks. So before paying for it, start unfollowing people until you are following about the same or slightly more people than you have followers. Also, regardless of how many people are following you, you should never be following more than 1000 people. 

Commenting Strategy

You can only use this strategy if you have a Twitter Premium subscription, so until then, your main focus on Twitter should be Pin for Pin threads. 

The strategy involves making funny comments, controversial comments and posting memes as replies to tweets from big accounts which get a lot of views. The idea is that if your comment is funny or controversial, it will receive a lot of engagement which will make it rank higher up, and this will get your account more views. If you have a nice DP and an interesting username, then your profile will get more clicks, and this can lead to more followers and more OnlyFans conversions. 

The reason you need Twitter Premium for this is unless you have it, and have a blue checkmark, your comments will end up being marked as ‘spam’ or ‘offensive’ and most users won’t end up seeing it. 

Here’s how you can deploy this strategy: 

1) Find an account with a lot of followers, and make sure that most of the accounts posts get at least over 50k views (you can find the view count on the lower right of a post). Also, make sure that the top 5-10 comments on these posts also get at least 3k views. If an account matches these criteria, then follow it. 

Note: The best accounts to deploy this strategy on are accounts which post slightly controversial content or funny content which triggers people. This is because the comments sections of these accounts tends to be a lot more active. However it also works well on accounts with many followers which post a lot of general content like such as meme accounts. Here’s some to get you started: 

2) Now, on a recent post of this account (more recent the better because there will be fewer comments which means your comment has a higher chance of being seen), make a funny, genuine or controversial comment. If you can think of something really funny and witty, then that should be your first priority (even a meme will do). If you have a controversial or interesting take, then that can be your second priority. If you can’t think of anything funny or controversial, then just make a genuine interesting comment.

Here’s an example:   

Above is a post which received 7.3 million views. As you can see, the top comment is just another interesting video, and it received 32k views. There’s also another genuine comment in the third picture, where the guy is just commenting about what is going on in the video, and that comment received 102k views, and has 26 comments.

This is the kind of stuff we want you to be doing. You need to be commenting on posts which receive a lot of views. You basically need to be acting like a leech or a parasite, trying to siphon off views from big accounts and drive them to your profile. Remember, comments which are more relevant, funny or controversial end up getting more engagement and therefore more views. Even relevant memes can work very well. This strategy is super powerful, and if executed correctly can lead to pretty rapid growth on Twitter. 

We recommend following some accounts like the ones mentioned above, with a large number of followers, and going through the comments on their posts and studying the comments which get most views, so you have a better idea of what kind of comments you should be making. 

Example 2

A perfect example of our commenting strategy is applied by @its_eliisaa on her Twitter account:


Notice how she posts a sexy picture as a comment on the @thissuserpretty account’s post which receives 1.1k views. More importantly, the account whose post she comments on is a relationship-related account, and it’s likely that a lot of horny dudes who are desperate to be in a relationship follow the account, which makes it the perfect account to ‘leech’ off of. 


How to pick an eye-catching display name and font

If you have a good DP, and if you have an eye-catching username, people are a lot more likely to click on your account when they see your comment, and give you a follow.

We recommend keeping your username simple and not using too many emojis or different fonts. As long as you have a nice display pic, and your username makes it apparent that you are a girl, people will automatically be more inclined to click on your profile. Don’t overthink your display name too much. The image below shows some usernames and display images of top 1% models. Notice how all of them are simple, and not too messy. 

Scheduling SFS

Another great way to use Twitter is to schedule SFS with models. Start doing this only after you have at least 100 Twitter followers and 10 fans on OnlyFans. 

You can ask models on Twitter to schedule both an SFS and RT for RT. It can be something like this: 

“Hey babe xx you down for an OnlyFans sfs and rt4rt?” 

Note: If a model can only schedule one of the two, then that’s okay, or if she wants to do the rt4rt immediately and schedule the OnlyFans SFS for a later date, then that’s okay as well. You need to make it as easy and convenient for her as possible. 

Second, you should only start sending DMs to creators to schedule an SFS if you have Twitter Premium. If you don’t have it, your messages won’t show up in their inbox and it’s a waste of time. 

Finally, don’t copy-paste the same messages to models asking them for an SFS. This is repetitive bot-like behaviour Twitter will shadowban or suspend you for this, even if you have a blue check. Instead, you need to be typing out every message you send to creators, and also word every message slightly differently. Basically, ask the same thing in different ways so that you don’t end up sending all models the exact same messages. Here’s some examples: 

“Hey love! Down for an sfs or rt4rt?”

“Hey babe, love your page! Down for an sfs?”

“Babe, love your content! Let’s sfs and rt4rt?? xx”

As you can see above, we’re asking models the same question in different ways, thereby ensuring we aren’t engaging in repetitive, bot-like behaviour, thereby reducing our chances of a ban. 

Note: When asking models for SFS, make sure that they are in the same bracket as you, else they will be less likely to respond. So if you have 100 followers, only try scheduling an SFS with models under 1000 followers. Then, as your follower count starts increasing, you can start asking bigger models for SFS. 

Big Fish Hunting

After you have a sizeable Twitter following of at least 1000 followers and are at least in the top 5% or higher, you can start targeting models with up to 10000 followers on Twitter asking them for SFS and/or RT for RT. In these cases, when you DM them, make sure to include your OnlyFans rank and number of fans. Here is an example: 

“Hey babe! Down for an sfs or rt4rt? I’ve got 100 paid fans and am in the top 4.8%!”

Similarly, as your followings and fans keep growing, you can slowly start targeting bigger models. 

Finding Models to SFS With On Twitter/X

Earlier on Twitter, all you had to do was type in ‘onlyfans’ in the search bar and a ton of OnlyFans models across all ranks would show up. Now however, if you do this, a bunch of spam accounts mostly dominate the page. The way to find OnlyFans models has changed slightly.

Finding >1% models: To find models ranked over 1%, you need to search for ‘pinned for pinned’. Then, click on one of the models who shows up who posts actively to her profile, and has at least 3k followers. She will likely be following thousands of models, and most of these models will be ranked over 1%, and will be relatively active. 

It’s important for you to follow models like this in the beginning, because most of these models won’t have a blue check mark. So when it’s time for you to start reaching out to them for SFS, and you have a blue checkmark, you will likely show up at the top of their inbox, making it much more likely for them to reply to you. Also, these models will be a lot more likely to SFS with you in the beginning, because you will be at a similar rank as them. 

Finding <1% models: After hitting the top 1%, you will need to be scheduling SFS with models who are at least ranked in the top 1% or lower. To find them, search for ‘onlyfans top 0.’. Then, click on the ‘People’ tab and a ton of top 1% or lower models will show up. Click on one of them, and you will notice that most of them have hundreds of thousands of followers and are following only a few hundred people. Click to see the people they are following, and most of them will be other models in the top 1%.

Once you reach the top 1%, these are the models you should be focused on networking and scheduling SFS and RT4RT with.

Spending Time On Twitter

So far, we’ve given you all the different strategies. Now, we’ll tell you the correct manner to use them. 

Before Twitter Premium

Until you get Twitter Premium, which we recommend doing only after you get your first few fans, you should be spending most of your time on Twitter:

  • participating in ‘Pin for Pin’ threads

  • Making 5 posts per day

Each post should be 1-2 pictures or 1 video, and can be part of the same set, as long as they are different images in different poses. Selfies and short video selfies also count as posts. We HIGHLY recommend NOT posting any nudes on your Twitter, or any socials. It’s best to only post nudes to your OnlyFans, since it gives followers a reason to subscribe to your OnlyFans. You’ll often see models on Twitter with hundreds of thousands of followers who do post nudes on their profile, and that may tempt you to copy them, but don’t. These models only started posting nudes to their public profiles after they already got big and popular. And even then, we always tell our models to never post nudes to their public profiles, no matter how big they get, since it’s always important to give your fans a reason to pay for your OnlyFans. You want your nudes to be the ‘forbidden fruit’, which they need to work for. 

After Twitter Premium

After getting Twitter Premium and AFTER being approved for a blue checkmark, your time should mainly be spent:

  • DMing other creators asking them to schedule SFS 

  • following the commenting strategy highlighted above

  • continue with making 5 posts per day

After getting Twitter Premium, stop following the ‘Pin for Pin’ strategy. We assume that by this time you will have at least 100 followers. 

If you decide to pay for Twitter Premium right off the bat, then you need to do the Pin for Pin strategy as well as the Commenting strategy to begin with. Then, after you get at least 100 followers, you can stop doing the Pin for Pin, and can start DMing models asking for SFS and RT4RT, while continuing with the Commenting Strategy. It’s important that you have at least 100 followers before asking models for SFS, because otherwise it may not be worth it to them. 


Everything we’ve mentioned above is just for promoting your OnlyFans on Twitter In addition to the above, you should also get into the habit of GENUINELY using Twitter. Follow accounts you like, genuinely start making comments on tweets which catch your attention, tweet what’s genuinely on your mind, retweet posts you find interesting, and otherwise genuinely start using the app. Your followers will connect with you a lot more when they go through your twitter page and see that you have genuine interests, and an actual personality. This will help them develop a more in-depth mental image of you, and will make them literally a million times hornier for you. Aside from that, genuinely using the app is a great way of getting views and engagement organically. Also, if you genuinely enjoy using Twitter, then you technically won’t even be ‘working’ when you’re promoting yourself. You’ll just be doing what you’d be doing anyways, and start getting fans from that. 

So make sure you follow accounts related to your interests, follow celebrities you might like, start tweeting about trending topics you find interesting, and otherwise just getting into a habit of using the app. Check out @Emmmyalluu on Twitter. While she does post the ‘sexy posts’ for marketing her OnlyFans, she also tweets about what genuinely on her mind, what she might be doing that day, and other such stuff which helps her followers form a genuine attachment to her. 

Also, at times, try posting semi-controversial post. This is a post where about 50% of people will strongly agree with you, and the other 50% will strongly disagree. Nothing works better than controversy on Twitter, and if you’re able to pull this off quickly, you can grow REALLY quickly. 

Look at this tweet for example:  

Notice how it’s light-hearted, witty humor. This tweet is going to piss off the feminists, but will really win over a large demographic of men who agree with her and don’t buy into feminism. Such controversy will help you with engagement and will at the same time get you a bunch of loyal followers. Keep in mind that it might take time for you to understand what works and what doesn’t when you try making such posts. Also, don’t make controversial posts which will piss off 100% of people. That’s not controversy, and it will just make people dislike you. 

Remember, there’s thousands of girls showing their body on Twitter. But there’s very few who are also making an effort to showcase their genuinely personality. If you do this correctly, you WILL win the Twitter game. 


The above information covers all the basics you need to promote your OnlyFans on Twitter and start making money on OnlyFans. 

If you’re serious about becoming a full-time OnlyFans creator, make sure to get Journey to the Top 1%, where we dive deep into everything you need to know to get to anywhere between $20k to $200k per month on OnlyFans. In the course, we dive deep into promoting on all social media platforms, the secret agency tactics which give them an unfair advantage over regular models on Reddit, the playbook to going viral and building an audience on TikTok, the powerful and dark psychological tactics to getting your fans to fall in love with you, and managing the workload of dealing with hundreds of thousands of fans and followers across all your social media platforms. 

Also, make sure you join the 1MILLIONGIRLS Networking & SFS Telegram Group here. Finally, make sure you follow our Twitter and our subreddit, where we constantly post a ton of free info!

We wish you the best of luck on your OnlyFans journey, and truly hope that you’re able to create a full-time income from the platform, working from anywhere and living life on your own terms. 

Yours truly,

Team 1MG

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The advice mentioned in all the content we put out is what our experts believe to be the best course of action in terms of promoting your OnlyFans. You are not, in any manner, way shape or form coerced to follow the advice and in doing so, you act on your own behalf. Neither 1MILLIONGIRLS, nor its employees are liable or responsible for any undesired outcomes associated with the advice given by them.

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