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How to promote your OnlyFans on Reddit in 2024

Updated: Jun 25

In this guide, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about promoting your OnlyFans on Reddit. 

If you want to learn: 

  • how to promote yourself and take advantage of the algorithm to go viral on Tik-Tok

  • the secret agency-strategy to always rank at the top of subreddits

  • the powerful, dark strategies to build deep, genuine relationships with your fans and turn them into big-spenders, by getting them addicted to you and making them fall in love with you

  • promoting yourself on all social media platforms

Then this is exactly what you will learn in Journey to the Top 1%, along with a ton of other crucial, tried and tested strategies which are necessary for any model to get to at least $20k per month, and which we ourselves have used with the models we work with to take them anywhere between $20k and $200k per month. 

You can get Journey to the Top 1% over here

Promoting your OnlyFans on Reddit in 2024

Reddit is a social network made up of many different subreddits. You will find subreddits for literally any subject you can think of, from horses to plants to Game of Thrones. Subreddits are a place where people get together to talk about, share information about, get information about or promote that particular topic. Luckily for you, there is an entire section of subreddits dedicated specially to OnlyFans creators. 

These subreddits are visited by two kinds of people: OnlyFans creators who want to promote themselves and men looking to buy content. So when you promote yourself on these subreddits, your content will be viewed by men who are looking to purchase content. If you post long enough on Reddit (or any platform for that matter), you will come across ‘big spenders’. These are men who will purchase every bit of content you have on OnlyFans. You will often form deep relations with these men and they will talk to you all the time. It is your duty to make them give you every penny to their name (more on this later on). 

When you first sign up: 

  1. Set a display picture, banner image and bio 

  2. Make the required settings changes

  3. Pin an Album 

Reddit Settings Changes

When you sign up for Reddit you will need to change certain settings. Click your username on the top right and click on ‘user settings’ in the drop down menu. Go to the ‘feed settings’ tab and turn adult content ‘on’ and turn safe browsing mode ‘off’. Now go to the ‘Profile’ tab, scroll down and turn NSFW ‘on’. 

Pinning an album on Reddit

When you first sign up on Reddit, you want to upload an album of at least 10 of your sexiest pics and pin it to your page. Go to your profile page and click on ‘new post’, select ‘images and video’ and upload the images. Caption the post ‘ALBUM’. Now in the posts section of your page, click on the 3 dots under the post and click ‘Pin Post to Profile’. 


You should post 3 times a day on the dedicated subreddits. Each time post a different picture, meaning you will be posting 3 different pictures a day on each subreddit. 

Note: Do not mention the words ‘OnlyFans’ or ‘OF’ in your captions. Many subs don’t allow advertising or promotion of OnlyFans. Also, sometimes, you may find you cannot upload pics to certain Reddit subs. This is usually because your account doesn’t have the minimum karma required to post in that sub. 

Start with posting in these (full list of 500+ subreddits available with the Journey to the Top 1% course): (requires you to put (OC) at the end of each post) (requires 5 karma and your account to be 24 hours old)

After 100 karma, you can start adding more to your list from the subs below:

(Don’t start posting in all subreddits to begin with. Start with about 10. Reddit won’t allow you to make too many posts when you’re just starting out. Your limit increases as your karma increases. Once you feel you are not seeing the required growth in fans per day, start expanding your communities while continuing to post in the ones you were already posting in.) 

Once you feel you are not getting results from any of these subreddits anymore, go to one of the subreddits (pick one with a lot of members), and from there go to a profile of one of the hottest girls (she will almost always have high karma). Now see the subs she’s posting in and start posting in the ones which aren’t on your list. 

Note: Don’t get fooled by the number of members on a reddit sub and think that subs with more members and more members online will get you more upvotes and more results. Though subs with many online members (1k+) will generally get you more eyeballs and upvotes, very often subs with low number of members and a low number of members online (below 50) will lead to you getting hundreds of upvotes. This is because sometimes these subs work on a different algorithm, where they show the most recent post on top (instead of the post with most upvotes). Since they have a low number of members, very few girls post in these subs, so you post will stay on top for long, making sure that all visitors to that sub see your post first. 

What type of pictures to post on Reddit? 

Post any and all pictures you think are sexiest but DO NOT post any nude pictures, not even pictures with see-through clothing. You can post nudes but make sure you cover your nipples and vagina with emoticons using Instagram. 

How to post pictures on subreddits

To post pictures on Reddit subs, you cannot just upload them. You have to post the image address from a trusted image hosting site. Don’t worry, this is very simple.

You will need to use either or to upload your images. Once you’ve uploaded your images on either one of those websites, you will need to copy the image address, and paste the image address onto Reddit. You can right click on the picture to copy the image address. 


Posting sexy and dirty captions on Reddit is equally important to posting hot pictures on there. You should try to match the captions to the pictures as far as possible. 

If you want a list of high-converting captions for Reddit which we use with our models , then make sure you subscribe to our ZINE Weekly Creator Kits!

Using Reddit to get fans on OnlyFans

After you start posting on different subreddits, you’ll start getting Messages and Chat notifications. You can ignore the Messages for the most part (they will mostly be from bots or spam). Go through them once in a while to see if you’ve missed something interesting. Sometimes people will send messages asking for your OnlyFans so if you get messages like these then reply to them. 

The Reddit chats are where you will find most of your fans. You must ALWAYS reply to each and every chat notification, on time. Here you will receive messages from guys who like your pictures and want to chat with you. They will message you for many reasons, ranging from wanting to meet up with you to telling you the weirdest of things. But mostly it will be guys complimenting you and responding to the caption of your pics. 

Remember this: what they message you doesn’t matter. No matter what they say, the conversation is only headed one way. And you will make sure of that by following the DM Conversion Script. 

Tip: GIFs tend to do better than static images on Reddit, so make sure you use them! 

Getting banned on Reddit

Sometimes on Reddit, it is easy to get banned in the beginning. If you are not getting any upvotes on your posts or new chat notifications despite posting, it is likely you are banned. To check if you are banned, on your browser go to incognito mode and type If you show up, then you’re good to go. But if it says this user may be banned, then you need to create a new Reddit account and start over. However, if you make the required changes to your settings like we told you to, and if you do everything just as we said, the chances of you getting banned are very low. 

Reddit Bio

You want to keep your Reddit bio short and cheeky. It can be random and about anything. It could even be your height and ethnicity. You could also just copy somebody else’s bio (as long as they are in the top 1%) if you like it. Doesn’t matter. Also add your OnlyFans link to your bio. 

Bio examples:

I want to be the reason you love sex 

I want to be the girl who’s pics you open when you’re horny I love avocados and big dicksCanadian angel 5’5 shorty🇨🇦👼

Journey to the Top 1%

For access to our highly coveted DM Conversion Script, a Master-list of subreddits to post in and the agency method to always rank in subreddits, you can buy the Journey to the Top 1% OnlyFans course. 


The above information covers all the basics you need to get started promoting yourself on Reddit and making money on OnlyFans. 

If you’re serious about becoming a full-time OnlyFans creator, make sure to get Journey to the Top 1%, where we dive deep into everything you need to know to get to anywhere between $20k to $200k per month on OnlyFans. In the course, we dive deep into promoting on all social media platforms, the secret agency tactics which give them an unfair advantage over regular models on Reddit, the playbook to going viral and building an audience on TikTok, the powerful and dark psychological tactics to getting your fans to fall in love with you, and managing the workload of dealing with hundreds of thousands of fans and followers across all your social media platforms. 

Also, make sure you join the 1MILLIONGIRLS Networking & SFS Telegram Group here. Finally, make sure you follow our Twitter and our subreddit, where we constantly post a ton of free info!

We wish you the best of luck on your OnlyFans journey, and truly hope that you’re able to create a full-time income from the platform, working from anywhere and living life on your own terms. 

Yours truly,

Team 1MG

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The advice mentioned in all the content we put out is what our experts believe to be the best course of action in terms of promoting your OnlyFans. You are not, in any manner, way shape or form coerced to follow the advice and in doing so, you act on your own behalf. Neither 1MILLIONGIRLS, nor its employees are liable or responsible for any undesired outcomes associated with the advice given by them.

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