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Our Origin Story

Updated: Jun 25

OnlyFans- The Platform Which Made Sex Work Mainstream Overnight

In 2020, during the Covid lockdowns, OnlyFans took off. It was as if almost overnight, sex work had become mainstream, and all the stigma against it was no more. Influencers who had spent years building millions and millions of followers, finally had a way to monetise them on their own, without needing to depend on sponsors, or anyone else. 

However, the revolution that OnlyFans brought about wasn’t the platform itself. The technology already existed, and had existed for a while. Some influencers were already using platforms like Patreon to allow their followers to buy their exclusive content and support them, and the idea of giving your followers the ability to subscribe to you wasn’t new. 

The revolutionary thing which OnlyFans did was that it made sex work mainstream. It brought about a new depth to social media, and took the concept of parasocial relationships to a whole other level. It wasn’t long before A-list celebs like Beyonce were mentioning OnlyFans in their songs, and celebs like Bella Thorne were joining the platform themselves, making millions of dollars in just a few hours. 

What took most people by surprise was the amount of money that there was in starting an OnlyFans. Bella Thorne made $2 million in just a day after she joined. Today, Instagram influencers with just a couple hundred thousand Instagram followers can easily make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month, and some can even make millions. 

The part which most people found difficult to digest, and still do, is that truly massive amounts of money can be made, and the money which is being made is literally all profit. OnlyFans creators have little to no running costs, and get to keep all the money they make. People still can’t comprehend the fact that tens of millions of men are willing to pay money to see naked or half-naked images of women they find attractive, even though they can find those images leaked online for free. People can't comprehend the fact that some models are making more profits than publicly listed companies on the stock market, just from their phones.

Our Entry Into The Scene

When OnlyFans started becoming a trend in 2020, we sensed that there was something big at play here. We had an existing team that would do social media marketing for small and medium businesses, and we saw an opportunity to expand our operating domain. We quickly decided to pivot, and within a couple days had an OnlyFans management agency website online. 

At the time, we were the only ‘OnlyFans management agency’ you could find on the internet. There were a lot of OnlyFans managers, and the concept of managing an OnlyFans account for someone else was definitely around before we were in the picture, but no one was doing it as an ‘agency’. It was mostly business-savvy guys managing accounts for their girlfriends or friends who had an account but didn’t really know how to realise its full potential. 

We got our first few clients by commenting on other comments on ‘OnlyFans advice’ YouTube videos. Whenever we saw someone ask a question or ask for help, we’d write them a message saying that we could do everything for them, in exchange for a commission. We started getting replies back almost immediately, but we got our first legitimate client about a week into our ‘marketing process’. We were pretty ecstatic upon getting our first client, firstly because we’d just validated our new business model, and secondly because the model was really enthusiastic, and we sensed a lot of potential. 

We created Instagram, Twitter and Reddit accounts for the model, and got started. We started seeing progress on Twitter and Reddit almost immediately, but Instagram was slow. Within days, we’d gotten a bunch of new fans for the model (mainly from Reddit), and within a week she was in the top 5%. Majority of the money we made for her was from selling PPV content in the DMs. 

During this period, we were getting a lot of requests for management, and soon got our second model. She was a plus-sized model, who our team didn’t think would do well at all. However, we still decided to work with her because we wanted the experience. We were already seeing success with our promo methods for the first model, and wanted to test whether the same would work for the second model. This model also did extremely well, and to our surprise was off to a better start than our first model. Again, most of her fans came from Reddit. 

By this point, we had got the basics nailed down. We knew that Reddit was where most of the action was (and still is, by the way). We knew that the best way to maximise earnings was in the DMs selling additional services like sexting, custom content, PPVs, etc. Also, our team had also gotten really great at building relationships with fans. 

[The key to building a good relationship with a fan is to simply be ‘nice and agreeable’, whilst at the same time having your own opinion on things, and strategically disagreeing with them at times, so that they don’t think you’re being ‘fake nice’ just for the money. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to building relationships with fans, and in our courses we dive a lot deeper into things, teaching our students the exact things they need to do and say to get their fans to fall head over heels in love with them.]

Anyways, by now our inbox was flooded with management requests. Our website was ranked first on Google when you would type in ‘OnlyFans management agencies’, so we didn’t need to manually reach out to potential clients anymore. We knew what worked, so all we did was focus on scaling what was already working. And we did that well. In no time we had dozens of models working with us, all of whom would make it to the top 1% if they continued working diligently. 

Launching Our Learning Material

Eventually, we got so big and were getting so many management requests, that we couldn’t keep up with the growth, and we didn’t want to expand too quickly at the cost of quality. We saw that we were leaving a ton of money on the table by not being able to cater to all the models who wanted help growing their OnlyFans, so what we did was decide to create a course highlighting all the strategies and methods we use to take our models to the top 1%, so we could still turn the models we couldn't work with into customers. 

We decided to lay out literally all our strategies, from top to bottom, in an easy-to-digest book, so that models had the opportunity to give OnlyFans a shot by themselves, without needing to work with an agency. We weren’t that concerned about giving away our strategies because we were getting so many management requests, that we knew that there was no way our management business would be effected. 

The course got to thousands of sales in no time. As a result of that, we had a large community of models, all of whom trusted us and constantly turned to us for additional guidance. Seeing the large market for learning resources for OnlyFans models, our next venture was to start a magazine with captions, scripts and templates, to help make it easier for models in their day-to-day running of their OnlyFans accounts. Since we were also running an agency at the same time, we knew that coming up with good quality PPV captions was super important, but not easy, and that giving models access to the captions and templates we use would be super helpful to them. In no time, we had hundreds of subscribers. 

At around this point, we were reached out to by Yahoo, who wanted to do a feature on us. We don’t know how they got to know about us, but we assume it’s because we were selling a lot of books, and that some how caught their attention. OnlyFans was also starting to get a lot of media attention at the time, and they probably wanted to write an interesting article about the industry. The Yahoo article was a major breakthrough for us, and really gave us that stamp of credibility which most agencies lack, even to this day. 

Our Current Aim

Now, it’s been close to half a decade since we launched our agency. We’ve taken dozens of models to the top 1% from zero, and have help a lot of creators retire while still in their early 20s. It’s been almost 4 years since OnlyFans took off, and the platform shows no signs of slowing down. Creators who’ve built up a following on Instagram or TikTok can’t wait to join OnlyFans in hopes of achieving true financial independence, and earning a full-time income doing what they love. There are other creators who may not have a following to begin with, but would still like to take their shot at becoming an OnlyFans model since they enjoy being full-time content creators. 

Today, we’re certain that OnlyFans is not just here to stay, but it’s here to thrive. The platform is nowhere close to its peak, and is arguably still in its early stages. And the one thing we’re certain of is that it’s our goal to provide aspiring and existing OnlyFans creators with all the resources they’ll need to become the highest earning creators on the platform. We know that there’s no one better on the planet than us to do this, and creating educational resources allows us to help millions of creators across the globe, and this provides us with a lot more satisfaction and sense of fulfilment, than just helping a few dozen creators make it to the top. 

So while we're continuing to offer management services, we dedicate majority of our time and effort to providing creators all over the globe with access to all the resources they will need to make it to the top of OnlyFans and start earning a full-time income from the platform. From courses which cover everything which creators need to know to build an audience from scratch and monetise it, to weekly creator kits which provide creators with high quality templates, scripts and captions, to networking and SFS groups, we provide our students with all the resources and material they will ever need. Most importantly, we’ve made it such that our students need nothing other than a mobile phone to get started. 

As the name of our company suggests, our goal is to help one million independent content creators achieve financial independence, and to teach them how they can use OnlyFans to create a full-time income, while working for themselves. And we’re going to stop at nothing until we get there. 

For access to our resources such as courses and creator kits, visit our website

To reach out to us if you have a query, send us an email at or contact us via our website at

If you’re reading this and are an aspiring or existing OnlyFans creator, we wish you the best of luck. We want to assure you that no matter how you think you look, or where you come from, OnlyFans is a platform which will allow you to achieve financial independence, and to earn a full-time income working for yourself. 

Yours truly, 

Team 1MG 

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