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Our ZINE Weekly Creator Kits include all the captions, templates and scripts you will need to monetise your fans on OnlyFans.

ZINE Creator Kit
ZINE Magazine Review
ZINE Magazine Review
ZINE Magazine Review
ZINE Creator Kit Review
ZINE Magazine Review
ZINE Creator Kit Review

Here’s exactly what you’ll get in our weekly ZINE Creator Kits:

  • High-conversion PPV message templates 

  • Engagement material such as: good morning and good night messages, bait messages, random check-ins, keep re-bill on messages and more.

  • Sexting scripts 

  • Fake stories for why you urgently need money from your big-spender fans

  • Dick rating templates of all types such as honest, humiliation, praise, etc

  • Video scripts to make all kinds of PPV content such as: JOI scripts, solo stripteases, solo masturbation, B/G content, G/G content and more. 

  • General content creation tips, updates about the industry and new technologies you can use to help manage your account

  • Ideas for viral content such as Tik-Tok trends and viral reels and YouTube Shorts

  • Social media captions 

  • Access to 1MG Networking & SFS Group

  • and a lot more! 

Subscription: $20/month (includes access to 1MG Networking & SFS Group)

ZINE Creator Kit Content
ZINE Creator Kit Content
ZINE Creator Kit Content
ZINE Creator Kit Content

(Some of what you will get in ZINE)

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"Poised to be a gamechanger for every single creator."
- Yahoo Finance

Say Goodbye To Thinking

Running an OnlyFans account is equivalent to running a full-time business. You have to create content, market yourself, engage with fans, ensure customer retention, constantly innovate, and basically perform all the activities a traditional business requires. But as an individual creator, you are expected to do all of this yourself. And unless you are a machine, it’s impossible to do all the aforementioned effectively, without some form of external help.

This is where ZINE (pronounced 'zeen') comes in. A subscription to ZINE is essential for any serious OnlyFans creator looking to make a full time income on the platform. When you subscribe to ZINE, you will save an unprecedented amount of time which you would have spent thinking of ideas for captions and video scripts, looking for toys and accessories to buy, and thinking of ways to engage with your fans. You can now dedicate that time to promoting yourself and creating more content! 

Every ZINE Creator Kit includes

Ultra-High Conversion PPV Templates

All the top OnlyFans accounts make over 80% of their income from PPV Sales. In fact, PPV Sales are so important, that most agencies work solely off the commission they make from PPV Sales, and let creators keep 100% of their subscription income. But yet, most amateur and intermediate creators don’t use this feature. Why? Because coming up with compelling PPV captions is difficult. When sending PPVs, fans cannot see what the image is, because it’s locked behind a paywall. So the only thing they have to make their buying decision on is the caption. And if you don’t use highly convincing captions, no one is going to buy your content. When you subscribe to ZINE, you will receive multiple high conversion captions on a weekly basis, which you can use for all kinds of PPV Content. Having taken multiple models to the top 1% from scratch in the past, we know exactly what captions work, and what captions don’t work. You don’t want to be using generic captions, the kind which every other creator on OnlyFans uses. You want to send captions which leave your fans perplexed and burning with curiosity. You want them to think, “What possibly could this content be?”. You want to leave your fans with no option but to click the pay button, so they can satisfy their curiosity. If you want these highly intriguing captions, which create a burning desire in the minds of your fans, you can get them every week by subscribing to ZINE. 

Spell-binding Video Scripts

If you aspire to be in the top 1%, you need to be doing things that 99% of girls aren’t doing. And this means that you need to send your fans videos which no other creator is sending them. Your videos need to be a spellbinding experience, stimulating all the senses and leaving your fans hungry for more. With ZINE scripts, these are the exact kind of videos you will have the ability to create. Our scripts aren’t just used by top OnlyFans models, but are the kind of scripts used in upper echelons of the porn industry. 


In every ZINE, you will receive a complete video script covering all details from facial expression to tone of voice, which will have your fans falling head-over-heals in love with you. Our scripts cover different themes, premises and niches, because we wanted to make sure you always have a wide range of videos in your vault, which have your fans infatuated with you. 


From fun premises such as ‘surprise walk-ins’ to scripts for domination videos, you will always have something new up your sleeve! 

Engagement Material

Having managed multiple top 1% models, we know exactly how difficult it is to keep your fans engaged and always talking to you. 

If your fans aren’t talking to you, then they’re going to be talking to someone else. And that means someone else is making money which should have been yours. So you need to do everything in your power to make sure your fans are thinking about you all day, every day. 


Fans spend most money on the model that’s constantly on their mind. And the model who’s constantly on their mind is the one making the most effort to court their attention, by constantly sending them fun messages, irresistible offers, short clips, and other engaging material. 

That girl could easily be you, but it’s extremely time consuming to come up with exciting material which always has your fans on their knees, begging for more. This is especially true when you have to spend hours and hours promoting yourself and creating content.

So in every ZINE, you will receive the most engaging material which you can send to your fans, to make sure you remain etched in their minds. 


We call our material ‘voodoo’ because it works like magic. Staying on someones mind has never been this easy!

Engagement Material includes:
Good morning and Goodnight messages: Be the first one your fans think of when they wake up, and last one before they go to sleep. 

Bait Messages: These include bundle offers, mid-day check ins, and enticing messages to encourage your fans to buy your services like sexting and video chats. 

Scripts for voice notes and short clips: Letting fans hear you talk is one of the best ways to keep them engaged. Now you won’t have to think of what to say, we’ve got you covered!

Keep re-bill on messages: You need your fans to stay subscribed so you can keep sending them PPV content. And there’s no better way to do this than by using one of our templates. 

Target Captions: You need to constantly blitz your fans and keep giving them reasons to send you money. Most creators don’t use the target captions feature because they have problems coming up with convincing captions. We can assure you that this is going to be an issue of the past. 

Curated Accessories

Have you ever looked at someones content and wondered, "Where does she find all that?" The creators we manage constantly ask us what accessories or costumes they should get to make their content more appealing. So we’d keep finding some of the most attractive paraphernalia for models to buy, at relatively inexpensive prices, to spice up their content. 


In every ZINE, we have a specially curated list of the most trendy and popular toys, outfits and accessories which you can use to create visually stunning and eye-popping content, which will always have your fans waiting with bated breath, yearning for more!

"I haven’t come across anything else like it that’s purely dedicated to Onlyfans creators. They’ve really thought of everything!"

-Dalma Rosa, Founder of Panty Selling School (

Listen to what Lydia Love has to say about ZINE!

Lydia Love

​ZINE aims to:

  • Give every OnlyFans creator the opportunity to be successful by providing them with the most effective strategies, based on data from the highest performing models. 

  • Provide highly effective scripts, templates, chatting routines and captions to ensure every creator has the most powerful resources at hand. 

  • Let creators understand the value of networking by giving them access to a community to facilitate productive collaboration.

  • Let every creator have access to a vast pool of invaluable resources.

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